Here i am

2010-07-31 20:08:32 by DoodleDemon

been a while. Im on newgrounds pretty much everyday, just havent been bored enough to update this. I'm going to be going to college this fall, and i have a job for this summer so im not home everyday. i want to be an animating cartoonist, so somebody PLEASE tell me where to start! I need some really helpful tips on how to start small.

school D:

2008-08-22 12:40:55 by DoodleDemon

>.< School is next wednesday...bah...I'm excited but also kinda bummed. Im excited because i wont be bored at home AND i get to see my friends without having to make arrangements. im bummed tho because i know by the 3rd month of school im gonna be all "oh i hate this i want summer blah blah blah" and then when summer comes im all "oh i hate this i want school blah blah blah" xD Kind of like how when its summer you wish its winter and when its winter you wish its summer. but anyways i have a good feeling about this year. im going into my junior year incase your wondering and i got to choose the majority of my classes and i have a lot of good teachers :D so i guess ill have a better year then the last two xD Im also taking 2 Forensic classes :D Forensics is the thing where you learn to do the things CSI people do. I love that show :3

Yea that was dumb

2008-08-08 22:55:05 by DoodleDemon

I regreat that last post. it looks stupid. but anyways i will have flash coming soon. i have a few shorts but theres no sound in them so i dont think anyone will like them. anyways just wanting to tell anyone who looks on my page that ill be submitting soon,